Professional HVAC Services

We are committed to providing unrivaled and top-notch furnace or AC repairs. We ensure a safety-first approach towards you and your home. We promise that you will be satisfied with your furnace or AC system repair, or we will correct it at no cost to you.

We know and understand that furnace and AC systems require routine maintenance to continue performing efficiently, as well as ensure safety in your home. This is why an expert should inspect all furnace and AC systems regularly. At Peter's Plumbing and Sheet Metal Ltd. we perform a professional safety check, adjustments, and professional cleaning on all types of heating equipment.

Our heating and air conditioning department (HVAC) handle everything that involves keeping the temperature of your home or office comfortable at all times.

Common Furnace Problems:
If your furnace has not been maintained and serviced regularly, you may encounter the following problems:

  • Furnace filter is dirty or clogged
  • House is too hot or too cold
  • No heat is coming from the furnace
  • Furnace is blowing but not as strong as it normally does
  • Furnace isn't getting electricity
  • Thermostat batteries are dead
  • Cold air is blowing from the furnace
  • Furnace is making more noise than usual
  • A furnace part needs to be replaced
  • Furnace switch got turned off (looks like a light switch)
  • The blower is running continuously
  • Furnace won't stay on and keeps shutting off
Some suggestions we have for you to help to improve the energy efficiency of your HVAC systems.
  • Dust and vacuum indoor vents and ensure that they are not obstructed by d├ęcor or furniture.
  • Insulate all ductworks that are exposed so they do not leak conditioned air.
  • Clear every outdoor condenser unit of debris and dirt
  • Learn to avoid using heat-generating appliances such as ovens or dryers during the hottest hours of the day.
  • Learn to adjust your thermostat to a few degrees warmer or cooler (depending on the season) whenever you are going to be away for a while.
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